Sunday, March 13, 2011

I hate you AAFES.....

Yeah, I said it.....I hate you AAFES. Why? Sigh...oh let me count the ways. I've always hated AAFES, from the very beginning of my career. Why would anyone go to the BX/PX when there's a Walmart right around the corner? And I don't care what base you're at, there is a Walmart right around the corner. The BX/PX charges how much more for the same thing? Yeah, that makes sense. But the crazy thing is, people buy stuff there all the time! And I'm still talking about the States here, not even in an Overseas location where you really have no choice (hang on, I'll get to that in a minute). I have to admit it, I have purchased a couple of things in a BX/PX in the States, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was or why.

The question is, why? Why do we do that to ourselves when a completely sensible and cheaper alternative is out there and it's not even that far away? Can anyone please answer that for me?

The next question is why ARE they so expensive? The only thing I can come up with is in correlation with the above comments. Because WE shop there. Why should they make it cheaper when we buy from there at their prices. That doesn't excuse the fact that they should be helping out the Military members rather than screw them out of more money.

Now come to the Shopette which is AAFES as everyone knows. I went to get some gas the last week when low and behold, they where out of Mid-grade gas! So guess what? I HAD to get the more expensive gas because I had no other choice! It's not my fault they didn't have the Mid-grade gas, but I was the one who had to suffer. It's never the big businesses that suffer because they'll always stick it to the little guy, the consumer, before they'll even think about taking a hit. OK, so I go to get gas again the other day, which shouldn't be a problem because I saw the Mid-grade truck filling the gas pumps the day before, but nooooooo! The fucking Mid-grade pumps weren't working! So guess who got fucked at the pump and had to get the more expensive gas....again! This is getting pretty damn ridiculous! How do we know they're not just trying to offload some more expensive product because they can get away with it? I mean are we really going to go somewhere else to get gas? No! It's even more expensive everywhere else!

Like I said.......I hate you AAFES.

I'll do another post about how I hate the Commissary some other time.


  1. If you send your blog post as well as your contact info to, the Exchange team can look into this for you.

  2. i couldnt agree more. i hate that i have no choice but to shop there..the prices are high and the quality of the goods suck ass..

  3. For the Power zone, try Mike at PC+Multimedia in Spang town across from the Chinese place for any computer needs and nice prices. As for the gas: If you don't like getting it at aafes, go fill up your Esso card and get all your gas off base at any Esso station. Better quality gas too. Can't find an Esso? then use your navi to find one. I do.


  4. Ok so I have one for you. If aafes gets their gas from a German company and there is a 52 percent tax on it without even a discount for purchasing a lot of product. Why do you still pay more than the economy if this is tax free? Just do the math if 1 liter of mid grade costs 1.30 euro take the tax off of it and then multiply it by 4. So you are looking at 2.50 euro for a gallon still without the discount. Aafes answer before was that they go of an average from the states. Hello we aren't in the states. I personally think that they are a bunch of gangsters that take all the money.